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TITLE: Construction Contract Award: Meadowdale Park Playfields Project
DEPARTMENT CONTACT: Bill Franz, Jeff Elekes and Nicholas Barnett and Lynn Sordel
The Meadowdale Playfields Renovation Project proposes to install all-weather turf on two sand soccer fields, add safety fencing and spectator seating, update three softball fields with all-weather in-field surfacing, update safety backstops, install netting, and update the complex to be compliant with current ADA standards.

The Lynnwood Council approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Edmonds and the Edmonds School District for the redevelopment of the Meadowdale Playfields on April 24, 2017. The development agreement was approved by the District on April 25, 2017 and by Edmonds on May 2, 2017. The Edmonds School District Board approved the project in total at their May 9, 2017 meeting.

The low bid for the construction phase of the project came in $495,921 higher than what was estimated necessitating additional city revenue sources to cover the costs.  It was also discovered, during preparation of this item, that there is a technical error in the 2017-18 biennial budget where the secured $2.4 million of outside funds for this project were not included in the total expenditure authority for Fund 380, Parks and Recreation Capital Infrastructure Fund.  This technical error will be corrected as a part of planned budget amendments scheduled for June of this year.  The administration is recommending that the project go forward and specific comments about how the funding shortfall will be met are included in the "Background" section of this memo.

The invitation for bids for this project included a sixty (60) calendar day award period from the bid opening of April 20th. The period in which City can accept and award a bid for this project ends June 18, 2017 after which, if the construction contract is not awarded, all bids must be rejected.  

Authorize the Mayor to enter into and execute on behalf of the City a contract with Hellas Construction, Inc. of Austin, TX for the construction of the Meadowdale Park Playfields project, in an amount not to exceed $4,948,000.00 including sales tax which includes the Base bid only plus a construction contingency of $225,000.

The City of Lynnwood has jointly operated Meadowdale Playfields, a 27-acre Edmonds School District sports complex, with the City of Edmonds since 1986 through an interlocal agreement. Lynnwood’s interlocal agreement with Edmonds School District provides for use rights of the complex through June 2065. The Playfields complex is comprised of two sand-based multipurpose fields, three natural turf softball fields, parking lots, playground, and restroom and concession building. This athletic facility offers the only outdoor multipurpose fields that Lynnwood has access to schedule for community use. 


The sand-based multipurpose soccer fields have limited utility and by upgrading them with all-weather surfacing, we will be able to provide 5,100 playable hours per year as well as improve the utility of the fields to be multi-purpose with striping and backstops to accommodate soccer, lacrosse, football and baseball. More than 15 community organizations have expressed a desire to use the renovated fields for youth and adult sports and fitness-based activities.   

The project was advertised as a base bid with alternatives. The base bid includes a material infill of SBR or crumb rubber. Among the alternates, included infill material options of coated SBR and cork. Both infill options were priced higher than SBR. The project team elected to select the base bid with SBR for its price, utility, performance, and consistency of playing surface. The final project including the base bid was approved by the property owner, the Edmonds School District, reaffirming their commitment to the use of SBR as the preferred infill material at District facilities.

Should the City wish to recommend the use of an alternate infill material, the project team would have to present an amended project proposal to the School District Board for approval, and the City would have to fund the additional cost per the Development Agreement (see page 3, items 7 & 15). The next regular meeting of the School Board is June 13, 2017. The scheduling window to seek School Board approval followed by Council’s action to award the contract prior to June 18, 2017 (the bid award window) is not achievable which will result in a rejection of the bids; next Council business meeting is June 26, 2017. If the bids are rejected, the project will have to be reviewed and rebid for a 2018 construction cycle as well as seek commitments from six funding sources to extend funding past December 31, 2017. This will likely result in significant cost increases and/or reduction in the scope of the project.  

The City of Lynnwood has secured $1 million from the Edmonds School District, $750,000 in state grant funding from the Recreation & Conservation Office, $500,000 from the City of Edmonds, $200,000 from Snohomish County, and $100,000 from a tourism promotion area from Snohomish County.
Should this project be delayed and the State Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO) does not extend their funding commitment, the City will be responsible to repay the portion of the funding expended through the design phase and decline the remaining funding. The City had to decline it’s previous RCO grant for the development of Doc Hageman Park during the recession. The consequence for returning a second grant puts the grant applications we plan to submit in the 2018 cycle at a significant disadvantage.

Project Funding Comments:

The 2017-18 Fund 380 Parks and Recreation Infrastructure Capital Budget (when the technical error explained in the "Summary" section above is corrected), will have expenditure authority of over $7.6 million for all Parks and Recreation capital projects. Therefore, a budget amendment to cover the cost overrun of this project is not needed at this time.

The 2017-18 budget was the first which included capital funds. These 6 capital funds include their own list of projects and an overall expenditure authorization for these entire funds were given by adoption of the budget.  Best estimates were made for specific project costs in each of these capital budgets.  It was anticipated that the situation of a project exceeding its original estimate would occur.  This is the first such occurrence and the administration wishes to be open and transparent about the process. 

The administration has four ways in which to make up the $495,921 project shortfall. They include one, or a combination, of the following:

*  Real Estate Excise Taxes (Fund 330 REET 2 and Fund 331 REET 1), with the boom in the economy, have produced higher revenues than what was originally projected when the budget was developed.  At this point and assuming that projections continue to meet original projections, there is approximately an additional $1 million that has not yet been programmed. Some of these funds could be used to close the gap on the Meadowdale Playfields project.  It is important to keep a reserve of capital fund to address this and other project shortfalls and to buffer against REET funds not performing as well through the balance of the biennial budget.
*  Capital projects underspent about $400,000 in 2016 versus what was originally projected when the 2017-18 biennial budget was prepared. For example, quantity underruns on the 184th Street SW Paving project saved that project about $220,000. Some of these funds could be used to close the gap on the Meadowdale Playfields project.
*  Other planned projects in Fund 380, Parks and Recreation Infrastructure Capital, may underspend during this biennium.
*  The Parks and Recreation Department plans on identifying specific cost savings on the Meadowdale Playfields project once the project is awarded.  It is required by state law that capital projects must be awarded as they were advertised to the low bidder and that no negotiations on price or scope can occur until after bid award.  Parks is currently studying the project scope and identifying potential cost savings that they will consider negotiating with the contractor after bid award.

The attached financial plan includes additional REET funds to meet the $495,921 shortfall.  Final decisions need to be made about which strategies will ultimately be used to make up the shortfall. Council will be kept up to date about such decisions. 

The City has received 10 letters of support from various youth and sports organizations from the area.  They include the following:


1.       Kidz Love Soccer

2.       Sno-King Youth Club

3.       Northwest Nationals Premier Soccer Club

4.       Greater Seattle Soccer League

5.       Skyhawks

6.       USSSA Sports Association

7.       Edmonds Eagles Lacrosse Club

8.       Edmonds Lacrosse Club

9.       Director of Athletics-Edmonds School District

10.   Pacific Little League



Ordinance #3210, Establishing Funding for Meadowdale Playfield Renovations project
Fund 322.  See attached financial plan for more detail.

The Lynnwood Community Vision states that the City is to “Invest in preserving and expanding parks, recreation and community programs”, and “be a city that is responsive to the wants and needs of our citizens.”

The Meadowdale Playfield Renovations Project supports that vision and results in an important improvement to the City’s infrastructure that links City of Lynnwood programs, policies, comprehensive plans, mission, and ultimately the Community Vision.  The project is a supporting capital project that is listed specifically in the City of Lynnwood 6 Year Capital Facilities Plan (200900118, PK2003048A, and 201500106).The project provides needed renovations to modernize and maximize use of the facilities with upgrades to the light and safety elements of the facilities that benefit the City’s infrastructure and capital facilities.
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