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TITLE: Agreement: Environmental Education Grant with Trinity Lutheran School
DEPARTMENT CONTACT: Jared Bond, Environmental and Surface Water Supervisor, Public Works
Urban Forestry Education Grants, and Surface Water Education Grants are made available annually to citizens and schools within the City of Lynnwood for the purpose of raising awareness and stewardship of the natural environment within our suburban setting. Education efforts are also a requirement of the Tree City USA program, and our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Surface Water Permit.

We recently received a request from Trinity Lutheran School for $9,000 to assist in creating an outdoor learning center, with the aim of educating and connecting children with the natural environment.

This is first year that Trinity Lutheran School is participating in our grant program. There were no other applicants.
Authorize the Mayor to enter into and execute on behalf of the City a contract with Trinity Lutheran School to assist in funding an outdoor learning center, for an amount not to exceed $9,000.

As stated in the City’s Tree Preservation and Protection Guidelines document, “ The City of Lynnwood, as part of its community forestry program, desires to encourage projects that promote tree preservation and protection, planting, care and maintenance of existing trees, and education on urban tree issues." The City has made available grant funds to be awarded through this program to encourage citizen involvement in creating and supporting a sustainable urban forest.” Money for this program comes from the Tree Fund, which is funded exclusively by revenues, fees, civil fines, and penalties received under our Tree Regulations (LMC 17.15). There is no general fund dollars in the Tree Fund, and money within the fund may only be used for urban forestry stewardship and management.

Trinity Lutheran School is undertaking a project which will convert their parking lot outdoor play area into a natural environment learning area that incorporates play. This will include necessary earthwork and planting a diverse selection of native trees that give the opportunity for young learners to understand seasonal changes in trees, identification and care of our environment.  The City Tree Fund grant dollars will go towards site design, demolition of paving, earthwork, tree purchase and planting, associated tree supplies, and education materials.  Details of the grant project description, partnerships, outcomes and educational objectives can be found in the attached “Request for Funding.”

This project will entail two phases. Phase one, as described above, consists of design and  construction / site preparation. Phase two will complete the installation of the remaining educational elements that more relate to the stormwater elements of the project.

Funding partners for phase one include:

Trinity:                     $16,298
City of Lynnwood:   $9,000
Volunteer/In Kind:   $3,000

Total:                        $28,298
As the final design is not complete, total construction costs, including phase 2, are yet to be determined. Once those estimates are prepared, it is anticipated that Trinity Lutheran School will apply for an additional grant from the Surface Water Education fund, to assist in meeting the surface water education goals of this project.  As the school (pre-school, daycare, and Sunday school) has an enrollment of no less than 200 students, this project will provide the means to educate thousands of kids (and their parents) now and in years to come on the importance of keeping pollutants out of our stormwater system. This is one of the primary goals of our Surface Water Utility's educational program. The second phase request will likely come during the Fall of 2013.

Funds for this grant request will be entirely from Fund 121, commonly known as the Tree Fund. The city budgeted $22,000 per year for tree vouchers and education projects.
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